Snacks Production

For the purpose of creating added value to our plantain, we developed our line of snacks: plantain chips fried in vegetable oil. Their production involves efficient processes, trained personnel, adequate infrastructure and leading technology, without leaving aside our responsibility for and commitment to communities and the environment.

Our plantain chips are sold under our own trademark, Turbana, in Colombia, Panama, Mexico, United States and some European countries.

Well-defined quality processes, complemented by a fully equipped and technified production plant at the forefront of international standards, allow us to offer our plantain chips to major food brands around the world. Today, our customers are leaders in the food industry in North America, the Caribbean and Europe.


methods ensure

  • Low oil absorption.
  • Consistency in the size of the chips.
  • Consistency in taste and crispness.

Our plant has been certified by the HACCP system for six years now, allowing us to identify, control and eliminate the hazards that may impact our processes, raw materials and finished products. The above, in order to guarantee our customers food of the highest quality and safety.

Turbana plantain chips come in different flavors and packagings. They do not contain trans fats and are free of cholesterol, gluten and GMOs.